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LPPC Sectorization

This webpage has been created to serve as a reference of the sectorization for the Lisboa FIR.

Please pay attention to the new Sector Combination, new Middle Identifiers and new Main frequencies. Read each page for the specific details of each configuration.
It will also allow the possibility of having an increased amount of different sectors opened at the same time, when allowed by NOTAM published by the division ATC department (AD).



Sector Name Identifier
Main Positions
Lisboa Main LPPC_CTR
Lisboa Continental LPPC_P_CTR
Lisboa North&Demos LPPC_NX_CTR
Lisboa South&Veram LPPC_SX_CTR
Lisboa Madeira LPPC_M_CTR

Secondary Positions – Not usually active
Only to be 
opened with authorization from the ATC-Dep

Lisboa North LPPC_N_CTR
Lisboa North Upper LPPC_NU_CTR
Lisboa North Lower LPPC_NL_CTR
Lisboa Center LPPC_C_CTR
Lisboa Center Upper LPPC_CU_CTR
Lisboa Center Lower LPPC_CL_CTR
Lisboa South LPPC_S_CTR
Lisboa South Upper LPPC_SU_CTR
Lisboa South Lower LPPC_SL_CTR
Lisboa West LPPC_W_CTR
Lisboa West Upper LPPC_WU_CTR
Lisboa West Lower LPPC_WL_CTR
Lisboa West&Madeira LPPC_WM_CTR



Sectors Identification


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