Facility Rating

Portuguese Division Facility Ratings.

The controllers must have the minimum level as shown here below in the Facility Rating Assignment (FRA) list.

Please keep in mind that the active FRA's may be changed at any time for a single event or for a couple of days.

Language used in Portugal

If the controller OR the pilot speaks English only, both of them have to speak English.

If the controller AND the pilot are able to speak native language of the area (Portuguese), they can use it for the ATC commands.


 Facility  Position  Days Time Rating  Voice
 LPPO  CTR    All  00:00 00:00
 LPAZ  CTR    All  00:00 00:00
 LPAZ  APP  All  00:00  00:00  AS3
 TWR  ALL 00:00 00:00 AS1
 LPFL  APP  All  00:00  00:00 AS3
 TWR  ALL 00:00 00:00 AS2
 LPHR  APP  All  00:00  00:00 AS3
 TWR  ALL 00:00 00:00 AS2
 LPPD  APP  All  00:00  00:00 AS3
 TWR  ALL 00:00 00:00 AS3
 LPLA   APP  All  00:00  00:00 AS3
 TWR  All   00:00   00:00  AS2
 GND  ALL 00:00 00:00 C3

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