Lisboa Center, Demos and Veram sectors serve as backup only if traffic demand requires. This will be at discretion of PT-AOC.
Lisboa TMA is only to be open if Lisboa Approach, Tower and Ground are active.

  Lisboa Frequencies

  Facility Name   Frequency  Designator
 Lisboa Check Lisboa Center Sectorization here
 Militar 123.750 Mhz LPAM_CTR
 Lisboa  TMA 125.125 MHz  LPPT_A_APP
 Approach  119.100 Mhz LPPT_APP 
 Tower  118.100 Mhz LPPT_TWR 
 Ground  121.750 Mhz LPPT_GND 
 Delivery 118.950 MHz LPPT_DEL 
 Porto  Approach  121.100 MHz LPPR_APP 
 Tower 118.000 MHz LPPR_TWR 
 Delivery 118.925 Mhz LPPR_DEL 
 Faro  Approach 119.400 MHz LPFR_APP 
 Tower  120.750 MHz LPFR_TWR 
 Ground 118.575 MHz LPFR_GND 
 Madeira  Approach  119.600 MHz LPMA_APP 
 Tower  118.350 MHz LPMA_TWR 
 Cascais  Tower 120.300 MHz LPCS_TWR 
 Ground  121.825 MHz LPCS_GND 
 Porto Santo  Tower 120.050 MHz  LPPS_TWR
 Beja  Approach 130.100 MHz LPBJ_APP
 Tower 130.400 MHz LPBJ_TWR
 Braga  Tower Information 122.000 MHz LPBR_I_TWR
 Bragança  Tower Information 122.300 MHz LPBG_I_TWR
 Chaves  Tower Information 122.700 MHz LPCH_I_TWR
 Coimbra  Tower Information 122.900 MHz LPCO_I_TWR
 Évora  Tower Information 122.700 MHz LPEV_I_TWR 
 Ferreira Alentejo  Tower Information 122.650 MHz LPFA_I_TWR
 Mirandela  Tower Information 122.200 MHz LPMI_I_TWR
 Mogadouro  Tower Information
120.100 MHz LPMU_I_TWR
 Portimão  Tower Information 122.000 MHz LPPM_I_TWR 
 Vila Real  Tower Information 122.900 MHz LPVR_I_TWR
 Vilar de Luz  Tower Information 122.400 MHz LPVL_I_TWR
 Viseu  Tower Information 122.700 MHz LPVZ_I_TWR

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