VFR Flights

For VFR Flights if required it should be given the VFR default codes starting from 7000.

Example for a VFR flight from Cascais to Beja: Squawk code it can be 7001.

IFR Flights 

First two numbers should be the departure airport/zone and the arrival airport/zone.

The last two numbers are assigned by the ATC.

Example for a Porto (LPPR) - Lisbon (LPPT) flight: Squawk code can be 2301.

Departure/Arrival Airports 
Local Airfields 0
Azores 1
Porto 2
Lisboa 3
Faro 4
Madeira 5
Enroute 6
Specials and VFR codes 
Radio Failure 7600
Emergency 7700
Medical Emergency 7410 - 7417
Standard IFR 2000
Standard VFR 7000

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